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"You will see Bodrum when you get to Yokuşbaşı.
Do not think that you will go as you have arrived.
Those who came before you were all the same.
But left their minds back in Bodrum to stay."
                                                     Fisherman of Halicarnasus

Besides Homer describes Bodrum as "The land of eternal blue”.


A charm lies in its picturesque crescents and white-washed houses - the port city of Bodrum is a year-round travel resort. Nestled in the Western coast of Turkey, on a peninsula, fully living up to the name. Bodrum is significantly more than just sun, sand and sea, it also boasts several historical sights to explore, and today the town is one of the most important centres of trade, art and entertainment. This charming coastal town is a perfect example of traditional and modern life going along hand in hand in perfect harmony.


Bodrum Mausoleum, also known as Mausoleum of Halicarnassus is one of the seven wonders of world, located in central Bodrum.Mausoleum means 'the memorial tomb of Maussolus.

The Mausoleum dates back to 350 B.C. and it is dedicated to Carian satrap (governor) Mausolus. This monument tomb was 50 meters of height and rising over the region.

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